Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Secret Headquarters

The Secret Headquarters in Silverlake, CA is not only one of my fave comic book shops in the world, it's also my local comic book store. Inside it is gorgeous. There are wood shelves that make it look kind of like a haberdashery, or Bruce Wayne's secret library. They also hold original art shows there. I bought myself a little Johnny Ryan drawing a couple of years ago.

I can always trust them to guide me to some interesting reading and the two David's are super fun to talk to.

So today, for your David P gives us a top ten essential punk comics for your reading pleasure.


Okay here's a list from me. Alphabetical order, and by no means the "ten most essential punk" really...



1) Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Watterson did what he wanted all the way through to the end.)
2) Cerebus (One story, 300 issues, totally self-published and promoted.)
3) Dark Knight Returns (Don't deny it.)
4) EC Comics (Anything before the hearings.)
5) Lost Girls (FTW)
6) Lynda Barry (A cartoonist doing what she wants.)
7) NON (Jordan Crane's self-published anthology of stuff he likes/liked.)
8) Robert Crumb (Especially before he started to release sketchbooks.)
9) Will Eisner (He was consistently on the forefront of everything comics. Dropsie Ave. is in my top 5, easily.)
10) Yoshihiro Tatsumi ("Created" a whole style of cartooning in Japan.)

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