Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sara Ryan

Sara Ryan not only writes awesome YA books (Empress of the World, The Rules for Hearts) she also writes comics and makes mini comics (click, flytrap and me and edith head) and is a YA Librarian to boot. She's always got the best haircut, she always notices street art in her hood, and she is always a great person to have dinner with.

Behold Sara's list of people. Which I adore. Because we've all had people in our lives who we knew marched to a different drum.

Three Punks and a Lady

I was shy about doing a list because I never thought of myself as punk in high school. I did put anarchy symbols on my mismatched Chuck Taylors, but musically, I was more of a nerd. (You could have asked me, then, for my top ten filk songs. Or Dr. Demento picks.)

I knew punks when I saw them, though. Here are three:

B.: Wrote "Die P.C." on the street in lighter fluid and set it aflame. (P.C. was code for "Popular Crowd.") The lighter fluid came straight from his parents' barbecue. He turned up on Facebook; now he's a lawyer.

W.: Wore the biggest, stompiest black steel-toed boots. Did sound. Was loud. Now promotes biodiesel.

C.: A cheerleader. One day she went from varsity jacket to studded leather, feathered bangs to mohawk spikes, blue eyeshadow to black eyeliner. Don't know what happened to her. Wish I did.

So yeah, I didn't think of myself as punk, though I admired the fashion. One night, though, I was up especially late and something strange came on TV:

They call her experimental and avant-garde and New Wave, not punk, but that song hit my brain the way I think punk hit others: rewiring circuits, expanding what was possible.

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