Saturday, January 20, 2007

Houston Sams - Stylist

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Houston Sams is a stylist. She's dressed the best and is cool as pie. I've spent many a punk rock holiday with her (Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July) and had lovely times at Spaceland with her back in the indie rock days.

I've added the songs to the iMix with my suggestions for songs (in parenthesis) from her "anything by them" bands, but she's right, pretty much, you can't go wrong by adding anything by them to your mixes.
Big Black - "Kerosene"
Sonic Youth - " Schizophrenia"
Pixies - "Bone Machine"
Transplants - "Tall cans in the Air"

and anything by:

Fugazi - (Suggestion)
Helmet -(Unsung)
Dinosaur, Jr. -(Freak Scene)
Flaming Lips -(She Don't Use Jelly)
Guided By Voices - (I am a Tree)
Bad Religion -(American Dream)

Rock on, y'all!

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