Friday, February 13, 2009

Greg Miller

Greg Miller, is like a guru to me. He, along with his partner in crime Beth Lapides, run the amazing Uncabaret Lab. They do magic with people on stage who are telling their stories, getting to the CORE and workshopping their fabulous stand up/ one person shows/ crazy diatribes.

And they do it in a totally punk way. Because it is UNcabaret. And we all know that anything UN, or ANTI , or NOT is alternative and because that expands the mind and makes you think. Thinking is tres punk.

You should probably totally take their workshop.

Here is Greg Millers totally punk everything list.

Because sometimes we have to remember that there is more to being punk than just music. There's punk comedians. And artists. And movies. And authors. And spirits. And revolutionaries. And you know everything else.

More than ten. Trying to get away from base 10 anyway - Greg

Tom Paine
Andy Dick
Kenneth Anger
Sex Pistols
Mae West
Lenny Bruce
Tristan Tzara
Van Gogh
Emma Goldman
Ken Kesey
Abbie Hoffman
Kathleen Hanna
Iggy Pop

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