Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abby Denson

Behold Miss Abby Denson's song and film list!

I met Abby Denson at a comic book convention. Cause she does comics. Like Dolltopia and Tough Love. Also, she just did a Spider Man, (Spider M'am) and she rocks. I mean, really rocks. With a band. More than one band. But also, she does the great food round up of delicious NYC sweets called The City Sweet Tooth. I always want to taste everything she thinks is good. Basically she's a modern renaissance girl. And I love that in a lady! If Abby and I lived in the same city, we would surely go out and cause delicious trouble together, with guitars and chocoloate and our mighty pens.

Abby not only sent me songs. She sent me punk movies you should see, too. Fill up your ipods and Queue up your netflix lists!

Abby's Essential Punk Song List!

Anything by The Ramones

X Offender - Blondie

I Can’t Do Anything - X-Ray Spex

Cherry Bomb - Runaways

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell – The Stooges

Jet Boy, Jet Girl – The Damned

Love Comes in Spurts – Richard Hell & The Voidoids

Where Eagles Dare – The Misfits

Sonic Reducer – The Dead Boys

Rock n’ Roll Cleopatra – Jayne County

Bonus! Abby's Essential Movie List for Punks!

Times Square

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains

Liquid Sky

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls


Breaking Glass

The Decline of Western Civilization


Rock and Rule

Rock and Roll High School

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