Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Holly Ramos

If there was a vote for a Queen of the NYC punk scene, pretty much I'd vote for her. She's so cool, she's got the best fashion sense, as in, she's a trend setter. She's a musician who's recorded with the best, has some pretty amazing stories and all around I'm pretty stoked she even knows my name.

10 essential punk songs by Holly Ramos
singer/song writer
former front woman of FUR
former dj of legendary punk rock and roll dance party greendoornyc (vinyl only).

Cecil, i am a purist. in my mind, punk was a very specific sound for a limited time.

1. oh bondage up yours, x-ray spex
2. piss factory, patti smith
3. x-offender, blondie
4. 20th century boy, siouxie and the banshees
5. so messed up, the damed
6. i need lunch, the dead boys
7. i love you, johnny thunders and the heartbreakers
8. kiss me deadly, generation x
9. 53rd & 3rd, ramones
10. another girl another planet, the only ones

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